Sunday, July 17, 2011

So We Went Camping....Next Time Can I Get A Hotel? Please??

So we all went camping this past weekend, all 7 of us.  Wow, for 2 nights I never thought I'd need to pack so much stuff for my little family of three.  Plus I was also surprised at how much it cost for our little camping excursion. 

Pros of Camping:

Lots of Fresh Air
No TV's, Computers, Video Games, etc.
Good 'Ole Fashion Fun
Eating "camping" food

Cons of Camping:

Oh, and Bugs
Dirty Laundry that never ends when you get home
Oh yeah and Bears too, yay

The bugs didn't care if we had a fire going or bug sprayed ourselves every 5 minutes, I swear they ate through our tents and screen houses because they are that determined to suck our blood....them and the leaches...but we only had one of those. 

We didn't actually see the bear, but the park ranger came by and said they saw the bear back at the office and warned everyone to take extra care of their food so we didn't attract the bears.  One might ask, "what do you do if you see a bear"?  The general consensus of the group was to make a lot of noise and scare the bear.  Milly was my secret weapon she makes a great bear sound that I'm sure would scare any bear off....unless said bear was peer pressured from the darn bugs to come and get us. 

Right now I've been home for 9 hours and I'm exhausted and dreading work tomorrow, but very much looking forward to sleeping in my bed tonight.  I'm in need of at least 12 months to recoup from the camping...maybe more.