Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Plead the Poopth

When you become parents, discussing your child's bathroom habits is a just another dinner conversation, kind of like discussing the weather. I'm sure no one ever imagines having to concoct the best washing routine to clean out messy underwear, or begging your child to go poo on the potty out in a scary public bathroom (hey, even us adults don't want to use them!)

But what is it about having poop emergencies when you need to be somewhere on time. Every single time I need to get Tall Boy to his speech appointments on Tuesdays, it's just a given that both kids will have to be changed in some form or fashion while we are walking out the door.

I thought we were alone in this venture, but then I discovered at Ladies Night last week, it's just how the universe functions in mommy land! Meanwhile, how do we always end up discussing our kids when we are out at ladies night, anyway? Anyway, I digress!

Tuesday's rituals are so predictable now, that I always grab two changes of clothes when getting out the clothes for the day. And I have to do a mock leaving the house, 10 minutes ahead of schedule, just to prepare for the poopageddon.

But why, oh why, small children of mine, is it like pulling teeth to get you to go at home. It's like I am asking you to solve complex math equations. It turns you into a melting down mess, sprawled out on the floor, and I can almost always guarantee that I will have poop on my clothes at some point. (Note to self: make sure I have a change of clothes too!)

Pull up's may be counter productive, but they sure have saved me from losing my schmidt a number of times. So parents, to you I say, down with underpants! If it helps save your mind from going on a long term vacation to crazy land, go for it! And I will leave you with this lovely little tid-bit that sums up my everyday:  "I am doing laundry. Nothing says 'I love you' like clean underwear." 


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