Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Those Dogs are Wild Things

So today started at 4am when I heard my dogs making mischief of one kind and another.  Of course I'm the ONLY one that can hear the ruckus.  Surprise Surprise right? 

So I stagger half asleep into the kitchen to see that the dogs have gotten stuff off my counters, they are chowing down on a brand new bag of tortilla chips, there's a DS game on the floor next to it, and also I had a pile of hinges and screws that are now scattered gosh knows where.  So I pickup the messes tell they dogs there were naughty and head back to bed...stepping in pee on my way there.   Five minutes later that mess is picked up and I'm finally going to get another 30 minutes of sleep before my alarm goes off.

Ten minutes later the ruckus starts up again.  And again I'm the only one that hears it.  Even though at this point I'm not so quiet about getting up to make sure the dogs aren't eating any furniture or my purse.  But I don't even see my husband stirr...he's definitely fake sleeping damn him.  Well my furniture and purse are safe but they did get a throw pillow and it's fluffy contents made the floor look like it had five inches of snow inside the house.  This time after I picked up the mess I just took my shower and got ready for work.

Needless to say I was a little sleep deprived this morning, I didn't go to sleep until 1am yesterday and then the dogs at 4am wasn't part of the plan.  So I threw on my make up before heading out to work thinking I did a good job making myself look like I had a restful nights sleep (ha!).

Two hours into the workday I visit the ladies room and as I'm washing my hands I look at myself in the mirror and to my horror I see that my eye shadow powder had landed UNDER my eyes too and since it was a dark purple color made me look like I had two black eyes!  So I start frantically pulling out paper towels and wiping under my eyes until they are red...great now I look like I've got black eyes, been crying AND didn't get any sleep.  Fabulous.


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