Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Purple Zombies

On Saturday we had Milly and the gang over, we splurged and had yummy steak on the grill and corn on the cob (the corn wasn't the splurge).  We were outside on the deck while my husband was grilling when the wind picked up and we thought Toto was going to be swept away and a mean ugly old lady was going to ride by on a bicycle so we headed inside...just in time it seemed because the sky opened up and we had a crazy thunderstorm with bonus hail just moments later.  The food was so good that when it was all gone we ate the food the kids didn't eat from their plates too (kind of like when we ate goldfish and ketchup another time but this was way better).    After the storm our boys were outside playing with sidewalk chalk and having a grand ole time together.  The next day was Fathers Day and my little guy gave Daddy a frame with a picture in it and some scratch tickets (I also gave him some new RAM for his computer that he absolutely had to have).  We also went out to visit the Grandparents which was stressful fun as always, when we returned home and pulled up to the house we were like OMG.  There were little purple hand prints and smears all over my big front window, purple foot prints all on the sidewalk and purple hand prints, foot prints and smears all over the siding.  Some mom's might get upset over this but I found it very funny. It looked like a zombie aftermath.  I really wish I had taken a picture before hosing the zombie scene off.


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