Friday, June 10, 2011

Ladies Night

Every once and a while, we are granted access to the magical land known as Ladies Night. It's few and far between, but when it is nearing, I get more excited than a school girl. Not only can I eat (while food is still hot!) without having to cut food into a tiny pieces, herd children back to chairs, rock babies back and forth to keep from getting "the glare" from fellow restaurant go-ers, BUT I can also dress up in something other than schoolmarm clothing covered in snot and drool. I love my children, but please, for the love of everything fancy, I need a break.

We go out, and talk about everything under the sun, and of course, it always ends up that we are talking about our children again. Which gets me to thinking, is my husband going crazy with the kids? I always worry that the house will burn down, or the kids will be stuck in something random. It's not that I don't trust my husband, it's just, he gets distracted by shiny things sometimes. You know how that can be.

That night I didn't bring the cell phone, I may have forgotten it while high tailing it out of the house in lightening speed, while chanting "I'm freeeeeeee!!" So, while I enjoyed myself, I kept worrying about the kids. God love them.

I got home, and the oldest was in bed, but the littlest one, yes, still awake crawling around. The house is a mess, husband hasn't eaten, and the dogs need to go out. There is always crazy when I return home, but I will do it again and again because it really helps me to recharge and not get my "B" on. And Lord knows we all want less of that.

- Milly

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