Saturday, June 11, 2011

Microfiber is my Darth Vader

I like things clean, organized and unsticky.  I like lines in my carpet after vacuuming.  Having a husband, child and dogs has made this OCD part of my personality working overtime.  Like I have nothing else to do in my time but clean up flexi straws, dirty laundry and pee all the time. 

I have one thing to clean that I have come to despise.  I give it the evil eye daily and close my eyes real tight and take deep breaths when I sit on it.  It's my couch.  My new(ish) microfiber couch.  I thought microfiber was supposed to be "easy to clean" and "kid friendly".  These are lies unless I have the one broken microfiber cloth where something went wrong on the production line and they accidentally put some silk in it which makes it the COMPLETE opposite of "easy to clean" and "kid friendly".

For 3 years now I've tried a lot of ways to clean it.  Steam, alcohol wipes, baby wipes, holy name it I've tried it.

As Milly puts it my worst nightmare is a house made COMPLETELY out of microfiber...I'm getting ticks just thinking about it.

This weekend I broke down and spent $50 I didn't have on a used leather couch from craigslist.  I have finally won against my evil couch and can't wait to see it go.  I will have to control myself so I don't spit on it and kick it as it's hauled out of the house.  My husband may need to hold me back.


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