Friday, June 24, 2011

Minecraft Cake and Cupcakes

I have been having so much fun doing the Minecraft theme birthday for Tall Boy! Yesterday we made the cake and cupcakes, and I have to say they turned out even better than expected! I started baking the two cakes and two batches of cupcakes yesterday at 9 am, and finished at 4 pm. My oven certainly got a workout! Decorating started at 5:30 after my sister-in-law, and mother-in-law got here to help. We were finally finished at 11:30 pm, we were all so tired, but had SO much fun in the process. Here is our work:

 Getting ready to decorate! The white stuff is homemade buttercream frosting oh, even yesser!

 "Coal" cake

Here are the animal cupcakes with the cake

 Pigs and Chickens!

Sheep and Cows!

Octopus in the water

 Overview of the whole cake

Close up with the coal pieces and the blue pick and axe

Lava over a castle

Shovel and tool chest

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